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Welcome to BAPrivateSchools.com, the online gathering place to explore private K-12 education in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you are choosing a school for your child, researching scholarships or special education programs, or looking to find a teaching job, we hope you find this site helpful.


SCHOOL LIST -- Listing of over 700 private and parochial schools with links to the schools' websites.

SCHOOL TALK -- Information and handy checklists to guide parents through each step of the school search process.

SPECIAL EDUCATION -- Listing of private schools and agencies that offer special education programs.

FINANCING -- Information on scholarships and loans to make private school education more affordable.

RESOURCES -- Informative resources on choosing schools, test prep, and more.

SPECIALISTS -- List of educational consultants who can assist parents in their school search process.

LINKS -- Links related to private K-12 education.

TEACHING JOBS -- Private school job opportunities.

SUMMER CAMP -- Summer camp & activities info.

FAQs -- A compilation of questions most frequently asked by parents.

CONTACT US -- Send us your questions or let us know what you think of this web site.


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