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After reviewing the school's prospectus and touring the campus, parents should ask themselves, is this school fitting to my child's needs and capabilities? If the answer is a yes, then this is a school worth applying to. To prevent disappointment, take into consideration how competitive the schools are and what is your child's chance of admission. There is no definite number of schools one should apply to, however, it's best to include one or two "safety" schools and avoid applying to more than 10 schools so as not to overburden yourself and your child.

In addition to a completed application form, teacher recommendation is required by many schools as part of the application. It's a good idea to discuss with your child's teachers what schools they feel are best for your child so that their recommendation letters will strengthen rather than contradict your effort. Keep track of the deadlines and give the teachers ample of time to fill out the recommendation forms.

Testing is not necessary for most kindergarten admission. The exception is that schools for gifted children typically require special testing. Also if you suspect that your child has learning disabilities, testing can help determine if schools with special programs better suit your child's needs.

After your selected schools have received your application, the next step in the process is typically a formal interview with your child. Since all private schools have different admission procedure, review each school's requirements and avoid missing the deadlines.

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