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With so many schools and so many variables to consider, choosing a school for your child can seem like an overwhelming task. While test scores and reputation are good indicators, the key to a rewarding private school education is finding a good match between your child and the school. Designed especially for parents searching for elementary schools, School Talk guides you through the process of identifying your child's strengths and needs and finding the school that best complements him/her. Pointers and checklists, developed with the aid of education specialists and school administrators, are provided to help you. The 5 topics covered here are:

Getting Started -- How and when should I start looking? How to decipher a school brochure? This section will get you started in the private school search.

Tour -- What to look for during the school visit?  What are some good questions to ask? This section will help you get the most out of your school tour.

Application -- How many schools should my child apply to? Should I register my child for standardized tests? This section will take you through the application process.

Interview -- What to expect during the interview? How to prepare my child for an interview? This section will ease some of the anxiety associated with the interview.

Decision -- Not every school can meet the needs of every child. This section will guide you as you make the final decision.

A Timeline is included to serve as a chronological reminder of "things to do" as you go through the search.

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