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Education experts agree that an intimate knowledge of your child's specific strengths and needs is the most important aspect of choosing the right school. Therefore before you begin evaluating schools, take the time to answer the following questions. These questions can help you determine what you are seeking in a school and guide you through your decision process. Once you have identified you and your child's needs, go to our SCHOOL LIST and look for schools that match your basic criteria. Then call or write them for an admission packet in September. Remember this is just the starting point, you will likely amend and refine your "ideal school" as you journey through the search.

What are you looking for?

bullet How close from home should the school be? Is after-school program essential?
bullet What are your educational goals for your child? What are your child's goals?
bullet What kind of values should the school instill? Should religion be a part of the school program?
bullet What are your child's interests? What activities and subjects stimulate him/her?
bullet What are your child's talents, strengths, weaknesses, and needs? Are you looking for special programs (arts, sports, gifted, learning disabilities, etc.)?
bullet What are your child's personality and learning patterns? Some students prefer traditional classrooms with close supervision from teachers, while others who enjoy exploration may prefer schools with alternative teaching methods.
bullet How would your child respond in a laid back setting? A highly competitive environment?
bullet Does your child thrive in small or large groups?
bullet What has and hasn't worked in your child's education experience so far?

Don't forget to talk to your child's current teachers to get their perspectives. You can also consult an independent educational counselor who can help you gain a comprehensive knowledge of your child's needs.

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